Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I CARE Live.....Teaching Tool

On February 1, 2017, Agent Larry Cooper of the East Baton Rouge Parish Office of  Alcohol & Beverage Control will provide a twelve minute talk on underage drinking in the Baton Rouge community as well as efforts to address the ongoing issue.

Agent Cooper's I CARE Live session will be the eleventh since the initiative started in March, 2016.  I CARE Live enjoys an audience of between 500 and 1000 viewers who tune in on the first Wednesday of each month.  Topics have included substance abuse, internet safety, human trafficking and teen driving.  All presentations are provided by local experts who are familiar with the Baton Rouge community and its unique challenges and opportunities.

Recently, several area schools used I CARE as a teaching tool.  Parents were invited to watch a recent presentation by Assistant Attorney General Alberto DuPuy and Special Agent Lisa Maher on internet safety and cyber bullying and respond in focus groups to a series of discussion questions related to the topic.  I CARE Live's presentation served as a catalyst for the discussion which allowed parents to voice concerns and suggest solutions for their school community.

I urge you to visit I CARE On Demand and use the archived presentations to facilitate discussions among students and parents within your school community.  I CARE staff is currently developing educational materials to use with each session.  You may suggest ideas for new topics and presenters by emailing me at icarelivebr@gmail.com.

Watch I CARE Live on the first Wednesday of each month at noon and turn lunch into learning!

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